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SeaRaker is a concept born from the awe inspiring Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach.  With the proliferation of the recently planted kelp forests and subsequent increase in sea life, I feel compelled to protect what we have.

While stand up paddling along the coast, I noticed plastic trash floating on the surface and wondered if there was a way to clean it up.  I started formulating an idea around a leaf rake and modifying it to attach to my paddle.  After several prototypes, I think I have found a form factor that works.  More to come.

Donations will be used to purchase materials, refine sea raker design and create a product we can all use.

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Meet me at Main Beach at 10:00 Sunday April 28, to pick up your searaker and I will help attach to your paddle.


Earth Day "Challenge" / "HUG" & Blue Water Music Festival 2013

 RECENT POSTS Rick Conkey "Music Matters" Please help us by forwarding this important Public Service Announcement: EARTH DAY" Challenge & Music Festival PSA - "Music Matters" Show Our own John Gardiner...reads a public service announcement...for the ground shacking Earth Day events taking place on Sunday April 28th in Laguna Beach.

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or 949-573-8624 today.

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